We would very much like to run the Open Poetry International Sonnet Competion again, but times being what they are, we are unable to underwrite the costs without support as we did before. Sponsorship would be most welcome, but equally useful would be simple underwriting. The 2007 competition was in the end self-financing (see link to accounts below), but it was a big risk to take without any backing other than personal finances. One of the problems we have found in seeking backing, apart from there being considerably less arts funding around now, is that the competition is international. So much arts support is concerned with developing local audiences that as soon as one mentions 'worldwide' there is a shaking of heads and a closing of doors. Do contact us (link button on left) if you can help or have any ideas of where we might find an underwriter or two for an international sonnet competition.

Hand Luggage Only

The anthology of the 2007 Open Poetry International Sonnet Competition is now available for ordering online and by post. For online orders worldwide, click on the link below:

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For orders by post (UK only), write to us at the address below, indicating how many copies you would like, clearly stating your name, delivery address and a contact telephone number, and enclosing a cheque payable to Open Poetry Ltd for the correct amount based on the prices shown below our address.

Open Poetry Ltd
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Hand Luggage Only: £7.99 each
From 4 April 2011, UK post & packing is £1 per copy for 1-5 copies. 6-10 copies = £5 flat fee. Post & packing costs to destinations outside the UK are shown on the book order page.
For orders over 10 copies, email us at or call us on 01455 852522 (office hours) as we may use an alternative to Royal Mail.


2007 Competition Winners

1st Prize: Julie Kane – 'Used Book'

2nd Prize: Daniel Neumann – 'Two Moments'

3rd Prize: Alison Mace – 'Wartime Picnic '

Highly Commended:
John Haynes – 'First Thing'
Lydia Macpherson – 'Lessons'
William Orem – 'Crucifix, Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Washington, D.C.'


You are welcome to add your name to our list of sonneteers by clicking on the 'Sonnet poets' link in the left hand row of buttons.

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Thank you to all who entered the competition. If you wish to see how entry fees have been used, the competition accounts as of 30 August 2008 are to be found by clicking here.

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